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Half-hourly Fluxes and Meteo measurements processed with the standard FLUXNET procedure used for the FLUXNET2015 collection (ONEFlux suite).
Baur, T., Buchmann, N., Etzold, S., Eugster, W., Gessler, A., Gharun, M., Gharun, M., Hug, C., Häni, M., Hörtnagl, L., Hörtnagl, L., Kumar, S., Köchli, R., Liechti, K., Marty, M., Meier, P., Merbold, L., Schmitt Oehler, M., Stutz, T., Sutter, F., Thimonier Rickenmann, A., Waldner, P., Walser, M., Zimmermann, S., Zweifel, R., Ecosystem Thematic Centre (2019). Fluxnet Product, Davos, 1996-12-31–2018-12-31, Miscellaneous, https://hdl.handle.net/11676/BVALnyGQkuDgW05BBPtjo7A3
  author={Baur, Thomas and Buchmann, Nina and Etzold, Sophia and Eugster, Werner and Gessler, Arthur and Gharun, Mana and Gharun, Mana and Hug, Christian and Häni, Mattias and Hörtnagl, Lukas and Hörtnagl, Lukas and Kumar, Simpal and Köchli, Roger and Liechti, Käthi and Marty, Mauro and Meier, Philip and Merbold, Lutz and Schmitt Oehler, Maria and Stutz, Tanja and Sutter, Flurin and Thimonier Rickenmann, Anne and Waldner, Peter and Walser, Marco and Zimmermann, Stephan and Zweifel, Roman and Ecosystem Thematic Centre},
  title={Fluxnet Product, Davos, 1996-12-31–2018-12-31},
  keywords={Drought 2018},
  publisher={Carbon Portal},
T1 - Fluxnet Product, Davos, 1996-12-31–2018-12-31
ID - 11676/BVALnyGQkuDgW05BBPtjo7A3
PY - 2019
UR - https://hdl.handle.net/11676/BVALnyGQkuDgW05BBPtjo7A3
PB - Carbon Portal
AU - Baur, Thomas
AU - Buchmann, Nina
AU - Etzold, Sophia
AU - Eugster, Werner
AU - Gessler, Arthur
AU - Gharun, Mana
AU - Gharun, Mana
AU - Hug, Christian
AU - Häni, Mattias
AU - Hörtnagl, Lukas
AU - Hörtnagl, Lukas
AU - Kumar, Simpal
AU - Köchli, Roger
AU - Liechti, Käthi
AU - Marty, Mauro
AU - Meier, Philip
AU - Merbold, Lutz
AU - Schmitt Oehler, Maria
AU - Stutz, Tanja
AU - Sutter, Flurin
AU - Thimonier Rickenmann, Anne
AU - Waldner, Peter
AU - Walser, Marco
AU - Zimmermann, Stephan
AU - Zweifel, Roman
AU - Ecosystem Thematic Centre
KW - Drought 2018
ER - 
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Funding from the EU projects CARBOEUROFLUX, CARBOEUROPE-IP and GREENHOUSEGAS-EUROPE, from various SNF projects, including ICOS-CH, the ETH Board and by ETH Zurich is greatly acknowledged See also: Zielis S, Etzold S, Zweifel R, Eugster W, Haeni M, Buchmann N (2014) NEP of a Swiss subalpine forest is significantly driven not only by current but also by previous year’s weather. Biogeosciences 11: 1627–1635

Previewable variables

Name Value type Unit Quantity kind Preview
TIMESTAMP time instant, UTC
TIMESTAMP_END time instant, local non-DST time
TA_F air temperature °C temperature Preview
SW_IN_F incoming shortwave radiation W m-2 energy flux Preview
LE_F_MDS latent heat flux W m-2 energy flux Preview
H_F_MDS sensible heat flux W m-2 energy flux Preview
NEE_VUT_REF net ecosystem exchange µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
VPD_F vapour pressure deficit hPa pressure Preview
RECO_NT_VUT_REF ecosystem respiration µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
RECO_DT_VUT_REF ecosystem respiration µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
GPP_NT_VUT_REF gross primary CO2 production µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
GPP_DT_VUT_REF gross primary CO2 production µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
VPD_F_QC quality flag (int)
NEE_VUT_REF_QC quality flag (int)
H_F_MDS_QC quality flag (int)
LE_F_MDS_QC quality flag (int)
SW_IN_F_QC quality flag (int)
TA_F_QC quality flag (int)
LW_IN_F incoming long-wave radiation, net radiometer W m-2 energy flux Preview
LW_IN_F_QC quality flag
P_F precipitation (total) mm length Preview
P_F_QC quality flag (int)
PA_F atmospheric pressure kPa pressure Preview
PA_F_QC quality flag
WS_F wind speed m s-1 velocity Preview
WS_F_QC quality flag




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2019-07-12 10:22:14

Technical information

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Lat: 46.81533, Lon: 9.85591, Alt: 1689.0 m
Drought 2018 carbon flux pre-ICOS