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ETC L2 Meteo, Svartberget


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11676/I-8rY4egG7kH88fOeV8OWRyg (link)
Half-hourly meteorological variables with values aggregated spatially (e.g. one single soil temperature value per layer) calculated by the ICOS ETC starting from the single sensor half-hourly measurements.
Work was funded by grant National Research Infrastructure ICOS Sweden (2019-00205) from Swedish Research Council
Peichl, M., Nilsson, M., Smith, P., Marklund, P., De Simon, G., Löfvenius, P., Dignam, R., Holst, J., Mölder, M., Andersson, T., Lindgren, K., Öquist, M. (2021). ETC L2 Meteo, Svartberget, 2020-12-31–2021-08-31, ICOS RI, https://hdl.handle.net/11676/I-8rY4egG7kH88fOeV8OWRyg
  author={Peichl, Matthias and Nilsson, Mats and Smith, Paul and Marklund, Per and De Simon, Giuseppe and Löfvenius, Pernilla and Dignam, Rowan and Holst, Jutta and Mölder, Meelis and Andersson, Tommy and Lindgren, Kim and Öquist, Mats},
  title={ETC L2 Meteo, Svartberget, 2020-12-31–2021-08-31},
  publisher={Ecosystem Thematic Centre},
T1 - ETC L2 Meteo, Svartberget, 2020-12-31–2021-08-31
ID - 11676/I-8rY4egG7kH88fOeV8OWRyg
PY - 2021
UR - https://hdl.handle.net/11676/I-8rY4egG7kH88fOeV8OWRyg
PB - Ecosystem Thematic Centre
AU - Peichl, Matthias
AU - Nilsson, Mats
AU - Smith, Paul
AU - Marklund, Per
AU - De Simon, Giuseppe
AU - Löfvenius, Pernilla
AU - Dignam, Rowan
AU - Holst, Jutta
AU - Mölder, Meelis
AU - Andersson, Tommy
AU - Lindgren, Kim
AU - Öquist, Mats
ER - 
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Previewable variables

Name Value type Unit Quantity kind Preview
TIMESTAMP time instant, UTC
TIMESTAMP_END time instant, local non-DST time
TA air temperature °C temperature Preview
TA_1 air temperature °C temperature Preview
TA_2 air temperature °C temperature Preview
TA_3 air temperature °C temperature Preview
TA_4 air temperature °C temperature Preview
TA_5 air temperature °C temperature Preview
TA_6 air temperature °C temperature Preview
TA_7 air temperature °C temperature Preview
TA_8 air temperature °C temperature Preview
TA_9 air temperature °C temperature Preview
RH relative humidity % portion Preview
RH_2 relative humidity % portion Preview
PA atmospheric pressure kPa pressure Preview
SW_IN incoming shortwave radiation W m-2 energy flux Preview
SW_OUT outgoing shortwave radiation W m-2 energy flux Preview
LW_IN incoming long-wave radiation, net radiometer W m-2 energy flux Preview
LW_OUT outgoing long-wave radiation, net radiometer W m-2 energy flux Preview
PPFD_IN photosynthetic photon flux density incoming µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
D_SNOW snow depth cm length Preview
G_1 soil heat flux W m-2 energy flux Preview
G_2 soil heat flux W m-2 energy flux Preview
SWC_1 volumetric soil water content % portion Preview
SWC_2 volumetric soil water content % portion Preview
SWC_3 volumetric soil water content % portion Preview
SWC_4 volumetric soil water content % portion Preview
SWC_5 volumetric soil water content % portion Preview
TS_1 soil temperature °C temperature Preview
TS_2 soil temperature °C temperature Preview
VPD vapour pressure deficit hPa pressure Preview
TS_3 soil temperature °C temperature Preview
TS_4 soil temperature °C temperature Preview
TS_5 soil temperature °C temperature Preview
TS_6 soil temperature °C temperature Preview
WTD water table depth m length Preview
WS wind speed m s-1 velocity Preview
WD wind direction ° angle Preview




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