Fluxnet Product, Grillenburg


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Half-hourly Fluxes and Meteo measurements processed with the standard FLUXNET procedure used for the FLUXNET2015 collection (ONEFlux suite).
Work was funded by grant CARBOEUROPE-IP (GOCE-CT-2003-505572) from EU
Work was funded by grant C-Speicherung und -Freisetzung aus Böden unter landwirtschaftlicher und forstlicher Nutzung (1-0452/147/158) from Freistaat Sachsen
Work was funded by grant ICOS-D (1LK1224B) from BMBF
Work was funded by grant ICOS-D (1LK1101A) from BMBF
Work was funded by grant Ermittlung der C-Bindung von THG-Speichern und -senken in Sachsen (1-0230.00/68/192-2016/118972) from Freistaat Sachsen
Bernhofer, C., Bernhofer, C., Eichelmann, U., Grünwald, T., Hehn, M., Moderow, U., Ecosystem Thematic Centre (2019). Fluxnet Product, Grillenburg, 2003-12-31–2018-12-31, Miscellaneous, https://hdl.handle.net/11676/NlK5b43aOzGt5YS3R54CgolP
  author={Bernhofer, Christian and Bernhofer, Christian and Eichelmann, Uwe and Grünwald, Thomas and Hehn, Markus and Moderow, Uta and Ecosystem Thematic Centre},
  title={Fluxnet Product, Grillenburg, 2003-12-31–2018-12-31},
  keywords={Drought 2018},
  publisher={Carbon Portal},
T1 - Fluxnet Product, Grillenburg, 2003-12-31–2018-12-31
ID - 11676/NlK5b43aOzGt5YS3R54CgolP
PY - 2019
UR - https://hdl.handle.net/11676/NlK5b43aOzGt5YS3R54CgolP
PB - Carbon Portal
AU - Bernhofer, Christian
AU - Bernhofer, Christian
AU - Eichelmann, Uwe
AU - Grünwald, Thomas
AU - Hehn, Markus
AU - Moderow, Uta
AU - Ecosystem Thematic Centre
KW - Drought 2018
ER - 
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The funding by EU projects EUROFLUX, CARBOEUROFLUX and CARBOEUROPE-IP, by German BMBF project ICOS-D and by the state of Saxony (TU Dresden, LfULG) is greatly appreciated See also: Prescher, A.-K., Grünwald, T. and Bernhofer, C.: Land use regulates carbon budgets in eastern Germany: From NEE to NBP, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 150(7–8), 1016–1025, doi:10.1016/j.agrformet.2010.03.008, 2010. GrüNwald, T. and Bernhofer, C.: A decade of carbon, water and energy flux measurements of an old spruce forest at the Anchor Station Tharandt, Tellus B: Chemical and Physical Meteorology, 59(3), 387–396, doi:10.1111/j.1600-0889.2007.00259.x, 2007.

Previewable variables

Name Value type Unit Quantity kind Preview
TIMESTAMP time instant, UTC
TIMESTAMP_END time instant, local non-DST time
TA_F air temperature °C temperature Preview
SW_IN_F incoming shortwave radiation W m-2 energy flux Preview
LE_F_MDS latent heat flux W m-2 energy flux Preview
H_F_MDS sensible heat flux W m-2 energy flux Preview
NEE_VUT_REF net ecosystem exchange µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
VPD_F vapour pressure deficit hPa pressure Preview
RECO_NT_VUT_REF ecosystem respiration µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
RECO_DT_VUT_REF ecosystem respiration µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
GPP_NT_VUT_REF gross primary CO2 production µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
GPP_DT_VUT_REF gross primary CO2 production µmol m-2 s-1 particle flux Preview
VPD_F_QC quality flag (int)
NEE_VUT_REF_QC quality flag (int)
H_F_MDS_QC quality flag (int)
LE_F_MDS_QC quality flag (int)
SW_IN_F_QC quality flag (int)
TA_F_QC quality flag (int)
LW_IN_F incoming long-wave radiation, net radiometer W m-2 energy flux Preview
LW_IN_F_QC quality flag
P_F precipitation (total) mm length Preview
P_F_QC quality flag (int)
PA_F atmospheric pressure kPa pressure Preview
PA_F_QC quality flag
WS_F wind speed m s-1 velocity Preview
WS_F_QC quality flag




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Technical information

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Lat: 50.95004, Lon: 13.51259, Alt: 385.0 m
Drought 2018 carbon flux pre-ICOS