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Drought 2018 Atmospheric Product, Weybourne, Norfolk (10.0 m)

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10.18160/43SD-XGE0 (target, metadata)
11676/xER5mFw6McSTzGJKRTbbKdNN (link)
historic mole fractions of CO2 in the atmosphere
Ramonet, M., P. Ciais, F. Apadula, J. Bartyzel , A. Bastos, P. Bergamaschi, P. E. Blanc, D. Brunner, L. C. d. Torchiaro, F. Calzolari, H. Chen, L. Chmura, A. Colomb, S. Conil, P. Cristofanelli, E. Cuevas, R. Curcoll, M. Delmotte, A. d. Sarra, L. Emmenegger, G. Forster, A. Frumau, C. Gerbig, F. Gheusi, S. Hammer, L. Haszpra, J. Hatakka, L. Hazan, M. Heliasz, S. Henne, A. Hensen, O. Hermansen, P. Keronen, R. Kivi, K. Kominkova, D. Kubistin, O. Laurent, T. Laurila, J. Lavric, I. Lehner, K.E.J. Lehtinen, A. Leskinen, M. Leuenberger, I. Levin, M. Lindauer, M. Lopez, C. L. Myhre, I. Mammarella, G. Manca, A. Manning, M. V. Marek, P. Marklund, D. Martin, F. Meinhardt, N. Mihalopoulos, M. Molder, J. A. Morgui, J. Necki, S. O'Doherty, C. O'Dowd, M. Ottosson, C. Philippon, S. Piacentino, J. M. Pichon, C. Plass-Duelmer, A. Resovsky, L.Rivier, X. Rodó, M.K. Sha, H. Scheeren, D. Sferlazzo, T. G. Spain, K. M. Stanley, M. Steinbacher, P. Trisolano, A. Vermeulen, G. Vítková, D. Weyrauch, I. Xueref-Remy, K. Yala and C. Y. Kwok (2020): The fingerprint of the summer 2018 drought in Europe on ground-based atmospheric CO2 measurements. Phil. Trans. of the Royal Soc. B, https://doi.org/10.1098/rstb.2019.0513
Manning, A., Foster, G., & ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre. (2020). Drought-2018 CO2 molar fraction product from Weybourne, Norfolk (Version 1.0) [Data set]. ICOS Carbon Portal. https://doi.org/10.18160/43SD-XGE0
  doi = {10.18160/43SD-XGE0},
  url = {https://meta.icos-cp.eu/objects/xER5mFw6McSTzGJKRTbbKdNN},
  author = {Manning, Andrew and Foster, Grant and {ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre}},
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T1  - Drought-2018 CO2 molar fraction product from Weybourne, Norfolk
AU  - Manning, Andrew
AU  - Foster, Grant
AU  - ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre
DO  - 10.18160/43SD-XGE0
UR  - https://meta.icos-cp.eu/objects/xER5mFw6McSTzGJKRTbbKdNN
AB  - Public release of the observational data product for atmospheric CO2 molar fraction at Weybourne, Norfolk
KW  - Carbon dioxide
PY  - 2020
PB  - ICOS Carbon Portal
ER  -
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2007-10-31 15:29:00
2018-12-31 23:00:00


2019-06-06 07:43:06

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Name Value type Unit Quantity kind
TIMESTAMP time instant, UTC
co2 CO2 mixing ratio (dry mole fraction) µmol mol-1 portion
Stdev standard deviation of gas mole fraction µmol mol-1 portion
Flag quality flag
NbPoints number of points number




2020-03-04 13:05:02

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Lat: 52.9502, Lon: 1.1219, Alt: 20.0 m
Drought 2018 pre-ICOS