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The station Davos, with ICOS code CH-Dav, is located in the eastern part of the Swiss Alps, in the Canton of Graubünden. The site is an evergreen needleleaf forest in sub-alpine ecosystem dominated by Norway spruce ( Picea abies (L.) Karst.) with a maximum canopy height of 27 m, and a leaf area index of about 3.9 m 2 m -2 . Tree age of the dominant trees ranges between 250 and 400 years. The understorey vegetation is rather patchy, covering roughly 30% of the forest floor, and is mainly composed of dwarf shrubs, primarily Vaccinium myrtillus L. as well as mosses.
4.1 °C
833.0 mm
151.0 W/m2

Current staff

Name Role (ICOS vocabulary) Start date
Thomas Baur Engineer 2018-11-05
Nina Buchmann Researcher 2022-06-23
Sophia Etzold Administrator 2020-03-05
Iris Feigenwinter Researcher 2022-02-02
Arthur Gessler Researcher 2018-11-05
Mana Gharun Principal Investigator 2018-11-05
Christian Hug Engineer 2018-11-05
Lukas Hörtnagl Data Manager 2022-02-08
Käthi Liechti Researcher 2018-11-05
Mauro Marty Researcher 2018-11-05
Philip Meier Engineer 2018-11-05
Maria Schmitt Oehler Researcher 2018-11-05
Markus Staudinger Engineer 2021-04-12
Tanja Stutz Engineer 2018-11-05
Flurin Sutter Engineer 2018-11-05
Anne Thimonier Rickenmann Researcher 2018-11-05
Volodymyr Trotsiuk Engineer 2021-03-16
Peter Waldner Researcher 2018-11-05
Stephan Zimmermann Researcher 2017-01-01
Roman Zweifel Researcher 2018-11-05

Former staff

Name Role (ICOS vocabulary) Start date End date
Sophia Etzold Researcher 2018-11-05 2020-03-04
Werner Eugster Researcher 2018-11-05 2022-05-23
Mattias Häni Engineer 2018-11-05 2019-12-31
Lukas Hörtnagl Researcher 2018-11-05 2022-02-07
Simpal Kumar Engineer 2018-11-05 2021-03-15
Roger Köchli Engineer 2018-11-05 2018-12-31
Marco Walser Engineer 2018-11-05 2018-12-31


46.81533, 9.85591
1689 m
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