Col du Lautaret

The site Col du Lautaret (ICOS code FR-CLt) is located in an extensive alpine grassland, about 800 m northeast of the Lautaret pass, on a broad ridge separating two sub watersheds on the eastern side of the pass. The nearest villages are Villar d?Arene (7 km west, on the other side of the pass), and Monetier les Bains (13 km east). The plant communities are dominated by species with conservative traits (low specific leaf area, relative growth rate and high leaf dry matter content), namely Festuca paniculata (L.) Schinz and Thell., Meum athamanticum Jacq., Festuca rubra L., or Carex sempervirens Vill.. The climate is subalpine with a strong continental influence. Typically half of the precipitation occurs during the growing season from snowmelt (early May) to late September. Winters are cold and snowy, with snow heights quite variable due to wind redistribution.
4.1 °C
1312.0 mm
192.9 W/m2

Current staff

Name Role (ICOS vocabulary) Start date
Romain Biron Engineer 2022-03-31
Jean-Martial Cohard Researcher 2022-03-31
Catherine Coulaud Engineer 2022-03-31
Arnaud Foulquier Researcher 2022-08-30
Lucie Liger Data Manager 2022-03-31
Pascal Salze Engineer 2022-03-31
Jean-Gabriel Valay Administrator 2022-03-31
Didier Voisin Principal Investigator 2020-11-17


45.0414, 6.41053
2050 m
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