The station Grignon, having ICOS code FR-Gri, is located 1 Km east of the namesake tows, about 40 Km west of Paris, in a plateau situated close to a farm cattle. The site is a large cropland field (19 ha) located in the suburb of Paris and it is exposed to heavy atmospheric pollution coming from the Parisian area, the Benelux, as well as the south of England and Germany with east and northerly winds. On the contrary it is exposed to clean ocean air during south-westerly wind (which is the main wind direction). The site itself is representative of the main practice of arable crops farming in France with a crop rotation including wheat, maize and oilseed rape, representing more than 60% of the crops in France.
11.0 °C
597.38 mm
135.47 W/m2

Current staff

Name Role (ICOS vocabulary) Start date
Jeremie DEPUYDT Administrator 2021-10-28
Carmen Kalalian Principal Investigator 2024-01-01
Benjamin Loubet Researcher 2021-10-28

Former staff

Name Role (ICOS vocabulary) Start date End date
Pauline Buysse Administrator 2017-10-01 2021-10-27
Pauline Buysse Principal Investigator 2021-10-28 2023-12-31
Jeremie DEPUYDT Engineer 2021-09-01 2021-10-27
Brigitte Durand Engineer 2005-01-01 2022-08-01
Jean-Christophe Gueudet Engineer 2010-01-01 2020-05-31
Benjamin Loubet Principal Investigator 2005-01-01 2021-10-27


48.84422, 1.95191
125 m
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