The station Mejusseaume (ICOS code FR-Mej) is located on managed agricultural land (grazed grassland with occasional maize cropping seasons), around 10 km West of the city of Rennes in Brittany, NW France. The measurement site is part of the INRAE-PEGASE dairy experimental farm (IEPL) at Méjusseaume. The field is roughly rectangle-shaped (approx 170 m * 280 m), aligned NW-SE, with a surface area of 4.72 ha, at the centre of which the EC mast is located. The upwind distance to the field edge (fetch) in the prevailing wind direction (SW) is in the range 90-110m. There is also a significant contribution by NE winds at the site (generally late winter and spring). The field is surrounded by similarly managed fields - mostly grazed grassland -, except for a small woodland patch to the North-West. Intensively-managed grazed grassland, with rotational cattle grazing phases 4-6 times per year. Grassland ploughed up every 5 years in spring, followed by one-season maize crop, sown back to grassland in autumn the same year. Surrounded by fields with similar land use (permanent grassland, or long-term grassland-maize rotation). Tree hedges on 3 out of 4 field boundaries. Organic and mineral fertilization (average 100 kg N ha-1 yr-1).
11.7 °C
722.0 mm
133.0 W/m2

Current staff

Name Role (ICOS vocabulary) Start date
Yannick Fauvel Administrator 2019-01-01
Christophe Flechard Principal Investigator 2019-01-01
Yannick Hamon Engineer 2019-01-01

Former staff

Name Role (ICOS vocabulary) Start date End date
Adrien Jacotot Researcher 2022-07-01 2023-07-01


48.1184, -1.79635
40 m
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