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Borgo Cioffi

The station Borgo Cioffi (ICOS code IT-BCi) is an agro-ecosystem, typical buffalo farm growing corn and forage, in Mediterranean ecosystem. The site is located in the territory of the municipality of Eboli, province of Salerno, Southern Italy, 5 km from the sea.

Current staff

Name Role (ICOS vocabulary) Start date
Davide Calandrelli Engineer 2022-07-05
Bruno Di Matteo Engineer 2018-07-01
Paul DI Tommasi Researcher 2022-07-05
Andrea Esposito Engineer 2022-07-05
Daniela Famulari Researcher 2022-07-05
Daniele Gasbarra Researcher 2018-07-01
Vincenzo Magliulo Principal Investigator 2022-07-05
Antonio Manco Researcher 2022-07-05
Maurizio Tosca Engineer 2018-07-01
Luca Vitale Researcher 2022-07-05
Terenzio Zenone Researcher 2022-07-05


40.52375, 14.957444
10 m
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